PsyPlay Clone WordPress Themes 1.2.7

this is a clone of psyplay is not the original
PsyPlay is one of the best wordpress theme for movies and tv-series content. PsyPlay wordpress theme is based on the design of the popular site 123movies. It has a powerful tool that will help you generate and complete almost all the necessary contents needed with just a click.

PsyPlay is the most ideal theme for movies and series contents. It has a variety of tools and settings which you can configure on PsyPlay Option Framework. It has all the things you needed to personalize your site without having to change the codes. PsyPlay is a completely responsive theme and is SEO optimized. This theme also has a powerful tool that generates huge amount of contents. PsyPlay’s JS & CSS files are all minified and has an option to minify the HTML output of your site as well which could help you increase your site’s speed.

PsyPlay Key Features

  • Flat, Clean & Modern design.
  • Responsive design , adaptable to almost any resolution.
  • Adapted for SEO
  • AddThis social buttons
  • Night Mode Theme Switcher
  • Splash Image & Button (like gomovies)
  • Pre-Made Style Changer ( Style)
  • Featured Slider
  • Latest News/Articles
  • Article & Movie Linker.
  • Notice on First Visit. Cookie based.
  • Homepage Modules: Latest Movies, Latest TV-Series, Latest Episodes
  • Post Types: Articles, Movies, TVShows, Episodes.
  • Theme Options – Total control framework .
  • IMDb / TMDb API. Content / Data Generator
  • Episodes Generator.
  • Download Tables: Download links, Watch Links, Subtitle Links
  • Easy translation. Compatible with My WP Translate .
  • Ads Complete Management
  • User System: My Profile, My Favorites, Update Profile
  • Settings for Facebook APP to edit comments.
  • HTML Minifier & Minified JS & CSS files .
  • Turn off Lights
  • Report Content.
  • Favorites.
  • WP-PostRatings.
  • WP-PostViews.
  • Top Contents – Top IMDb, Top Rating, Most Viewed, Most Favorite.
  • Related content
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Custom registration form and login.
  • Modal Login / Registration / Reset Password
  • Security check on all forms.
  • reCaptcha on forms.
  • Ads – Fake Player.
  • Ads- Fake Buttons.

Tmdb have changed the poster size. if poster not showing plase use this code on phpmyadmin to change poster size..

UPDATE wp_postmeta SET meta_value = replace(meta_value, '', '')

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Hi there,

I have installed the theme but when I am adding the movie while putting the imdb code and then click on generate data its not working could you please help.


Hi there,

Thanks for your swift response. I somehow managed to do it, another help needed is I accidently permanently deleted Game of thrones which I imported through dbmovies plugin. Now I am trying to readd it through dbmovies and it is not letting me do so and says it’s already imported with error message shows: content already exists. Could you please let me know how to add it again. Please help.


Hi there,

I somehow managed to do that as well by clearing the cache in WordPress and it worked. There is another help which is needed if it is possible please.

1. How to make featured movie section work, the way I am doing it is creating a Feature category and assigning feature category to the movies I wanted to feature. But here the problem is whenever I tick the category by editing the movie and then publish or update it the selected new category doesn’t get selected. Could you please guide or if you have some kind of documentation available on that.

2. I want to add filter option on All Movies page:*****.com/movies/. Is there a way to add filter to this page? Please guide.

Waiting for your reply


Hi, I just bought this theme but I’m having some problems.. The video player does not show on my site.
Have tried several different links and player options.
For instance:
*** link to video.MP4, choosing “Video MP4” –> No player appears, only title and other meta data.
*** link to video.MP4, choosing “Iframe” –> No video player, but sound is played somehow..
*** link to google drive, mp4 file, url ending with /view/, choosing “Google Drive” –> No video player, no sound.

I can’t figure out what the problem could be, any ideas?
(running on localhost right now, so can’t provide you with a link)

One other thing. There is a bug when playing trailers. If you close the trailer by clicking the X or outside the player, without pausing the video first.. the trailer continues to play. I saw that the original creator of PsyPlay fixed this in recent update, is it something you might fix as well? 🙂 thanks

everything works well go demo
Server 1 = iframe
Server 2 = mp4
Server 3 = google drive (only mp4 file).
you have import Custom Fields?

for add player links go to Custom Fields – Tools — Import Field Groups, and import acf-export-2017-07-11.json

Yes, for some reason “Splash image” was disabled in settings. Now it’s enabled and the player shows.

But then there is another problem..

This link: DOES NOT work in the player (“File could not be played”). However, if you visit the link you can see that it IS a working link.

But this link: is working fine in the video player..

Very weird?

When playing a trailers. If you close the trailer by clicking the X or outside the player, without pausing the video first the trailer continues to play in the background.

I accidentally upgraded the Theme I was using and as a result lost all of the customisation i had done on the site. Now I just see the updated theme with none of the graphics etc.

Have I lost everything?! How can I undo the theme update on WP please?

@admin I did that but i notice that G.Drive isnt on series only on movies

when will you add G.Drive script to series? Its only on movies.

also i cannot send report, its sais report error we can not send your report, try again
and if i request movie or report video, where all report issues or request go ?

i want to generate by myself, not using imdb, but i already add TMDb API, then i tried to add category by manual it still cannot

also i cannot send report, its sais report error we can not send your report, try again
and if i request movie or report video, where all report issues or request go ?

and can i request without login or register first ?

yo cannot add category by manual, only generate from IMDB category and also IMDB Generate doesnt load all, like movie duration, IMDB Ratings, Country, Director, Year,

have any skype or line contact? so i can chat direct-ly to you
i send to ur email

why the hell aren’t you responding to my messages, i spend my money like everyone else ?

you told us that support is included with the theme but still you don’t answer my questions…

admin support very bad i said, i found bug and give suggestion for the next update and even request a new feature, but admin doesnt reply my message, why? we bought this theme right?

He only answer questions that he has knowledge of, so if he don’t know how to fix it he ignores you and move on to much easier question. As for suggestions he may have no plans on adding anything new to it. Idk I’m just saying this is a scam.

If anyone need help and I can I will be here

How to make the search module searching in (original title for movies & TV series)
The search module is just searching in title and content

Add tvshows on arry to view series on feautored edit
query_posts( array(‘posts_per_page’=>$lmvnum,’post_type’=>array(‘post’,),’paged’=>

query_posts( array(‘posts_per_page’=>$lmvnum,’post_type’=>array(‘post’,’tvshows’),’paged’=>

The service was down, but now it’s okay:
“Dear VideoSpider users, our server crashed and we were unable to restore some user data. If you signed up during the last 3 months your data could be missing. In that case please just sign up again. Other data was not affected. Sorry for the inconvenience.”
I guess it’s required to re-register the account.

!!!!!! NOT SOLVED !!!!!!
My questions are just ignored.
No support.

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